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June 23, 2011



Yay! I have one and I ADORE it! Beautiful Sherbet stripe and Damask. In fact a lady tried to steal it from me at the store today, but I fought her in the middle of the aisle and won so it is still in my possession, and being the friend that I am I started thinking... "Do I own a Brown bag?" and my answer was "no", but then I remembered I do own a Brown bag that my darling Hubby bought for me but it says Jimmy Choo on it so it doesn't count as UGLY brown haha!!!!
Ooops did I just drop that name, here let me pick that up...

Love you


did you make these, they are cute!

elizabeth pellette

Hi.. sorry I have not been by much .. busy busy.. but I think you are awesome.. hope you and your beautiful family are well.


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