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March 03, 2011



Holy Crap!!! Your first two stories had me in tears! Then, comes the grumpy, swearing, vodka drinking man on a rascal!! Too stinking funny. :) Don't you just love how walmart bring out the best/worst in everyone??? Love you!


Oh, so beautiful. And OH MY HOLY JUNK that story is hysterical! Aren't you grateful your boy wasn't with you? He'd have FREAKED OUT and never had pineapple again, in case someone had spiked it with Vodka. Hahahahahaha!!!!

Andrea (the other one)

Old man doesn't know what he is talking about. You put Coconut rum in it not vodka. or you skin it core it then soak it in the rum. yum. but then the kids cant have any.
Really though I have a killer recipe for pineapple upside down cake you have to try. (no alcohol involved)


only at Walmart eh? hahahhahah

Amanda Keeys

You are freaking hilarious Kara :)

elizabeth pellette

walmarto.. hahah thats what I am calling it now.. I go there several times a week cause well yep... its close.. and most of the food is not as expensive as the other grocery store in town and plus i can get bullets there.. ya cant go wrong.. and ya have to love the crazy folks.. have you gone to www.peopleofwalmart.com if not worth the look


I never see you at Bowmans! In fact, I haven't seen you since before you moved to AZ... but now you live in UT.... that says too much! We must fix. LOVE YOU!

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