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March 08, 2011



what a touching post, kara! i, too was sent an unexpected little beast at *the* most trying time in our lives. i wondered how on earth we would manage & it's so amazing looking back that God knows exactly what we need, when we need it and provides! what a little blessing our trying children are :o)


Oh my goodness Kara, I LOVE Miss Mable. There is something about her that is just contagious! Ever since I first met her in nursery, and brilliantly persuaded her to STAY with me, even though I was a complete stranger, I have been drawn to her sweet and spunky personality. I was truly sad for her to go to Sunbeams. It will be so fun for you to see the woman that she will become one day. Give her big hugs from Sis. Duke :)


Loved this post....Love your kids too. Its very hard to not fall completely head over heels for them when you meet them.

Amanda K

You know she has always made me think of Lilly, who is MY little spitfire/challenge/terror/want to throw my hands in the air and cry child. And everything you've described, I have been there! I want to thank you for writing this. Even though I struggle far less with Lilly now, there are still those moments where she just drives me NUTS and I will think of this post, and think of the wonder she is, and the AMAZING little ball of crazy God has given me, and I will smile and thank Him. So thank YOU.

Robert Wood

I'm luckiest because I'm one of her grandpa's. :)


Back when I knew her. Back when I had been told she was known as a terrorist. Back when she ate that dirty M&M. I loved her!! I always got a kick out of her personality. LUCKY YOU to have such a great little girl in your life! I have always thought of her as a darling!! Especially when we called her DARLA!! What a cutie she is!

Jodi Davis

I loved how you put this! I have my own spirited guy that can absolutely drive me up the walls and put me in a ball of tears like no other person can, but I can tell you that he must have been one of the Lord's finest and when he makes up his mind there is absolutely NO changing it. I often sit and think of all the amazing things that he is going to accomplish in his life because there won't be anybody that will be able to stop him. I just have to remember to see him the through the Lord's eyes rather than my own. And I definitely need to take your advice and hug him more instead of joining (or leading) conversations that aren't positive about him. Thanks for the reminder. The pictures are AMAZING as always!

elizabeth pellette

I would of sworn I left a comment? hmmm well anyway.. great post.. thank you for reminding me that I need to enjoy my kids for who they are and what they do and not for the things that annoy me sometimes.. you are an awesome mom.. love ya girl.

Lisa Trakis

Best post ever Kara! I can totally relate. Attitude IS everything, especially when you are the momma:} I forget that too often, thanks for reminding me. <3

Heather Roundy

I loved reading this story. She did a wonderful job in the dentist chair. She's one of our favorite patients- Heather (the dental assistant)

Erika Gomm

Hey Kara! So I'm checking out your website, I can't believe I am all "oh do you do photography?" DUH you're like AMAZING at it!! Anyway I had to comment on this post cause I LOVED it. Your writing explains it perfectly and I definitely thought of my own terrorist... or two... and I will think of what you said. LOVE IT!!! Glad i'm getting to know you!!!! Erika Gomm :)

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