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February 19, 2011


elizabeth pellette

He is very handsome... great photos..


NO WAY IS HE 9 1/2! Holy crap. So handsome. Such beautiful eyes. And yeah, I'm totally judging you...and I find you perfect. How's THAT for a verdict?

Amanda Keeys

Look at that gorgeous boy! So handsome :) I find myself taking less photos of my boys too... my girls are just so much more agreeable (and more fun to dress, hrm). He sounds a bit like Jakob - obsessed with legos :) So sorry about his anxious thoughts, poor kid. I can't imagine!


I really really really like this post. Its nice to see more pics of Wesley!!


Kara, I seriously love him. He is just so special and sweet and so dang cute. I love the pics too, but love him more. :)


Gimme a K! Gimme an A! Gimme an R! Gimme another A! Go~o~o~o Kara!!!!!
Yay! Pictures of your boy! And boy,those eyes! Wow!

(I think I'm going to stop with the exclamation marks now.)

So sorry to hear about the anxiety. Our girl is like that, so I get it with the shielding him from TV and the like. We do the same. I also get it with the 'how do you keep up with your blog?' sentiment.

color balancing

Your page is beautiful! I love the colors that you used!

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