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January 23, 2011



love this post! your daughter is so sweet, a little YOU! can SO relate to not getting enough photos of my boys... can't wait to see the pics! xoxo


You both are so gorgeous. :)

Beautiful light.


I love all those pictures!
I know what you mean about having to tell myself that 9 is little. I'm still telling myself that 10 is little. It's amazing when you have a new baby how BIG the other kids look suddenly!

elizabeth pellette

she is adorable love the curls.. and that light yummm... and you look amazing girl


oh hey there hottie.
how in the world did you get her hair to be so very perfect?!
oh so presh.

Jen Taylor

Those are gorgeous photos of two really gorgeous girls. And I hear ya about not getting photos of our boys. A distinct bias in my own family towards photos of our daughter over our son. Must rectify. Shall we make a pact to 'shoot' our boys more?

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