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November 24, 2010



OH my Gosh......this picture is just incredible Kara. Just incredible!!!!! One of my favorites you've ever done!

I'm grateful for you by the way. :)


Can you super-impose my face as that woman, and Sterling as that man, and add two sons? Because THAT IS SO STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL that there's not way I can ever have anything more beautiful. So add my family and make it me. Thank you. And I'm proud of you, too.


Kara, That is so flippen' gorgeous!!!! You do have some amazing talent in your fabulous family! I loved reading your blog. You make me happy!! I too am grateful for you. :) Love you tons!!

p.s. I think your brother is kinda hot!!!


Wow Kara!!! This is one of the most beautiful pictures that I have ever seen. Love it and love you. :)


Ummm.. WOW! Amazing!!


You are a beautiful lady inside and out with a true artistic eye for beauty. I am honored to call you friend.



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