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November 11, 2010



I want to be you when I grow up.


Oh, absolutely gorgeous. And I'm not sure if you have permission to go to San Francisco. Plus, I'm hosting Thanksgiving, and I might need you to clean my house. In fact, yes. Yes, I do. Sorry, but my needs trump yours. Tell you what, I'll go in your place, and they'll be so disappointed that next year, you'll have ENORMOUS ORDERS placed, on account of I ruined everything for this year. Method to my madness.

Andrea  Hanks

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos of the kids and the books, plus wow look at the color in the last photo of the girl with the red chair AHHHHMAZING. GREAT colors, great REAL sunflare...yeah you rocked it! Oh yeah, one more teeny tiny comment for you,I LOVE the colors and style of the family's clothing. Hmmmm they did a great job, or did YOU help them pick? Either way, they look fantastic!


Have fun in San Francisco. :)


so lovely kara! i know huh? the sun is so funny. that five minute spam right before BAM! its gone. yeah thats my favorite!

elizabeth pellette

beautiful work dearie.. and have fun

Ashley Schoenfeld

Oh Adisms...and Tishisms. I miss seeing them! We lived next to them... in your house (years later though)!
What a cute session!

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