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October 15, 2010



Oh. My. Goodness! Is that my family? Holy cow, Kara you are fantastic!!! And maybe also the way Lance and I mix genetically as well.;) My kids are so stinkin cute!!! I am so thrilled to finally have beautiful, artistic, updated picutres of them!

Whatever do you mean when you say things about my engagement pics? You didn't like the Inkley's posing, thick bangs, and slight pink eye?

And even though I want to disect the last picture of us, I won't. I won't say, "HOLY COW I AM WHITE!" or, "My teeth are huge!" I shall resist. And I will frame that one and hang it somewhere special. Somewhere you would hang a photo of yourself and the best friend you never thought you'd find.

Thank you.


kara elmore

If your face is white - then my nose is crooked, and my teeth are slightly shifted to the left, and my left eye is smaller, and my roots are REALLY bad, and my hands are dry and I bit my nails while feeling baby berry so they are rotten looking, and my elbow looks like it belongs to the third person standing behind us - except there was no third person. Just my elbow.


I think they look great! You are an amazing photographer Kara!


Love the bright colors.


And if the two of you are soooo imperfect PLEASE never look at me again!

Awesome pictures Kara!

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