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September 13, 2010



I don't really care either way...I just want to see PICTURES!! :) Because I know anything you've done is AMAZING--even if it means you climbed on a ladder 10 days PP (btw, you're crazy, but I LOVE you!!). So please don't keep me in suspense any longer. I need to see that perfect beautiful little newborn.

P.S. DO you make the bags??

Heather Georger

Good Gravy girl!!!! Get a friend to come shoot them for you! Your post did make me lol though;)


Um, WART THREAD? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Let's put that in my book. "Wart threads, phone spiders and Demon Wind Piggies." It'll sell millions, especially with your fantastical pictures.

Now why isn't spell check saying that fantastical isn't a word? Cuz it's not. Except in my own mind.

Anyway, I can't wait to see the one in the frame up on your wall. It is SO beautiful, just like Mary...and her ladder climbing, hemorrhaging mom. :)


I can't wait. Now is good, but if you are too busy I understand. :)

ellen patton

Post them!

Melani Verner

You cute "Wood" girls are absolutely hilarious! What an entertaining blog. Just read Lisa's comment, I just love you guys. Kara we need to see pictures of this adventure!


Okay, so your blog is hilarious. I am going to officailly stalk you! And wart thread is something that my daughter's foot became familiar with last year. Joy joy!


Wart thread?


omg my daughter had the cutest little wart on her hinie (how do you spell hinie? ) when she was a toddler and i scraped it off one day in the bathtub and it was TOTALLY HANGING BY A WART THREAD! those things are so weird.

i vote for seeing new pretty baby right this very second.
please and thank you.

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