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September 28, 2010



These pictures are GORGEOUS!!!


Ok I am literally squealing with delight as I neglect my own baby to look at these (don't worry, she's gabbing at herself in her crib so it's not really neglect right???).
Kara you have done it once again. Baby is SO incredible. As are these images.
I'm still squealing here!! LOVE LOVE LOVE-thanks for FINALLY posting!


oh so cute. It make my ovaries hurt. I am so envious! Cute pics!


Favorite of her yawning~and Maby in the corner, and yes, just like a vomitous roller coaster ride, but prettier. LOVE THEM ALL! And honestly, you are just so freakin' talented! Plus clearly, have special sauce in your baby batter that makes them come out all frosted and sprinkled with glitter. Hardly seems fair. But I love you, so it's okay.

Amanda Keeys

Gosh just look at that little darling! Seriously your kids are all little peas in a pod.. so beautiful. LOVE your boy's "real" smile. I love your disney-land ride photo haha! It's gorgeous, truly. And even funnier for knowing you were up on a ladder like a CRAZY PERSON days after giving birth!

Kelli France

Congrats Kara!!! My gave is the 2nd one of her in the basket. Hope all is well. Enjoy the cookie cravings ;0)


I know, I don't check your blog because I just call you instead :) BUT I LOVE the last picture...not because of the image itself per say but because I remember the FIRST image, the one where that one came from ;) and THAT'S why I love baby Maby in the picture ;)

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