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September 01, 2010



hurray and congratulatioins! i don't know about the whole home birth thing, but i'm thrilled it worked for you!!! she is lovely.

kara elmore

yes thank you ... and we've tried the whole "hospital birth thing" and it didn't work for us. But I'm glad it worked for you.


She is perfect. Congratulations! Maybe I'll get to meet her soon!


Love her, love you. She's beautiful.


she is beautiful! Congratulations!

elizabeth pellette

She is just stunning Kara... I am so happy for you and your family... you do make beautiful babies that grow into beautiful kiddos.

Heidi Julander

She is Perfect! What a sweet little newborn! Congratulations! So glad that everything went well!


She is beautiful! Congratulations!


Kara, she is beautiful! She fits right in with the rest of your darling children! I can't wait to hold her. I am totally laughing that you didn't post her name....it's so you. Love your guts!!!!


She certainly is perfect Kara! She is so precious. Please please please call if you need ANYTHING--


Perfect like her mum. Lots of love to you.

Ellen Patton

She's a beauty! Congratulations.


She is beautiful! Congrats. You are an amazing woman to have her at home. Take care and try and sleep.

Amy Elmore

Congrats on beautiful baby four! It is truly a miracle such big babies grow in your tiny body... and they come out perfect! My Avery looked like she had been beaten pretty bad. Hope you are resting as much as possible.


She's exquisite. Congrats beautiful woman!


What an angel! I love that picture. Coop, Chloe and I saw your husband and kids riding around in the neighborhood. They were moving so fast, I didn't get a chance to say, "Hi, how's the baby?" So happy for you. Still would love details when we chat next.

colby evans

she's gorgeous! an angel sent from heaven! congratulations!


ooooh shes so lovely kara!!! oh what i would do with a wee little baby girl right now! i cant wait to meet her in nola in a few months ;)
are your girls so happy?


oh i can almost smell her sweetness, kara....congratulations elmore's!

lindsey :)

oh kara!!! darnit she is tooooo cute!!! i don't know if i can wait three more months!!! i canNOT wait to meet her :)

Tawny Hansen Wall

Congrats! So happy for you Kara! Misty told me your news and I had to see this beautiful baby! You are fabulous and so are your adorable kids! Take care of yourself!

Kelli Nicole

Congratulations!!! Home births are my favorite :). She's beautiful.


She is A-DOR-A-BLE! Congratulations Kara. Well done.

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