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August 30, 2010



Ahahahaha! So perfect! The answer to your questions are as follows: Caillou shaves every day, because he started receding at an early age, lives in my ward boundaries and chose to follow the trend. Either that, or he's recovering from Chemo, and don't you feel badly about how you've judged him now? I know. Me too. You CAN build a red, white and blue house. Blue hardy plank, white trim and red door. Rosie is a hoarder and her mom has to make up for how much money Rosie spends, so she only has one outfit. But she's clean, so she washes it daily. Anything else I can help you with, just ask. Except for cleaning up the after birth. Then you're on your own. :) Love you!


She's beautiful..... just like her mum.

Amanda Keeys

Her curl is the best. I love it hahaha. And I love it even more because she always reminds me of Lilly :)


that's so funny because we say that very same thing to Maklee ALL the time! what a cutey!

Amy Elmore

You know in first grade we got to come as a character from a nursery rhyme and guess who I came as... though Mable's curl is is much cuter than mine was. That girl hold a key to my heart! Attitude and everything! I bet it is nice to spend some time together during the day before baby comes. The booth pic's are precious! We'll keep checking to hear the news. Everyday I think... is Kara having her baby today?

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