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August 15, 2010


Amanda Keeys

Kara you skinny cow!! I am about 20 million x bigger than you when I'm pregnant. You look GORGEOUS, I cannot believe you are about to give birth so soooon! WAY to go for your 8 year old, looks like you have some competition on your hands ;)


The waiting must be so crazy!


Since the biggest tv in my house is about 65 - 70 inches (I'm not sure exactly) then that would mean I would have to have a MURAL of my family somewhere in the house.

You are gorgeous as ever... even though I haven't seen your face in person since BEFORE you moved to AZ. That says something huh!

Hay Wi

It's fun to see the comparison, friend. So happy and excited for you. I love hearing all about natural births. So, if it's not too weird...I want details missy.


I am thinking you look smaller with this baby than sweet Mabel. Pictures dont lie. You look great. Hope you enjoyed Park City. Hope that sweet baby comes soon.


Kara, you are stunning! And I love the cute lil' belly!!

Amy Elmore

Why didn't you make some big bucks modeling for pea in a pod or motherhood, you are so freak'in cute prego. Sounds like you are ready for this baby... we will be waiting to hear the news. Water birth sounds great, well except once the baby has arrived:) I will keep my fingers crossed for you and pray everything goes just the way you want. We love ya!

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