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August 10, 2010



Remember the name Amberlee is always great and, I think, works well with either gender... push Kara push! Love you!


you are so funny Kara. You are such an amazing person with an amazing spirit and I am sure that everything will be perfect! Good luck cutey!

Hay Wi

Whoah! You're dad is so in tune with his daughter. That does make sense. I was thinking about you today and thought about how much you've helped me and how I haven't done anything for you. Shame on me. Looks like Naomi beat me to the punch today. But, please let me do something for you this week. Anything.


Lovely Kara. Simple lovely.
I am excited for you to have this baby a) because you make beautiful babies b) because you are an amazing mother and c) because that means more newborn pictures which I can't wait to see.
I hope everything goes perfectly. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!!

P.S. My offer to clean your floors still stands--or to bring you cookies! Or both :)

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