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August 23, 2010



I love it!!!! So glad you didn't not have that baby before the first day.... because we all know dads know squat about hair, bows, spikes, etc. So glad that your kids could go in style.... now, have that baby already. I want to hold him/her. :) Love you.

Hay Wi

You're killing me smalls! Could you just try to be an imperfect mom, please? For me? What a good looking bunch of kids. Wesley is so handsome and I though Flava's name was Ava. My bad. I love TJ Max and Ross and wish TJ Max was closer.

kara elmore

HAYWI - do you really think I would name her FLAVA?? :)

Melani Verner

Okay you are the cutest most hilarious person ever!!! I remember when my dad did our hair when my mom was gone and it was aweful! Yes newspaper rubber bands and all. Our dad's must have collaborated, like they did on many other adventures. Remember my dad's 40th birthday and your dad took him to see a guy in a rest home. My dad came home to a surprise party with wheelchair pee all over his pants. :) Oh those were the days. Good luck with your baby coming. You are an amazing mom.


How huge is Wesley? He is obviously going to be tall like his Dad. They're absolutely darling.
Hope baby comes soon and everything is peaceful and perfect. I'll keep you in my prayers.
Can't WAIT for that first picture of your beautiful baby!

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