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August 27, 2010


Brittany Kurtz

Here, I will say it forcefully - COME OUT BABY!!!!! so I can hold you and smell you and snuggle you...... and then hand you back to your mom to be changed, BREAST fed and stay up all night. Love, your favorite no-quite-aunt-but-close-enough, Britt.


You both look so beautiful! Wow to look like that at 9 months wow! :)


I want to know what the XXXX stands for...hey, want to go out to eat tonight, just the two of us? Ster is moving pianos and Ashton's on a mission. Only a few extra kids and they can fend for themselves.


You look so pretty in that top picture. It will come and then you'll think that was so fast, what was I worried about! Can't wait to hear!


You look so beautiful in these pics! Love the hair too! Hoping for an easy delivery with oh maybe one push! Love ya girly and thanks for keeping us all in the loop of your fun, preggo life! Miss you as always. Cindy


You are beautiful! :-) Big hugs. Can't wait to see pics of the new one!

Amanda Keeys

You don't look swollen!!! You should SEE the photos of me from when Jakob was born. I was HUGE - all swelling (I had pre eclampsia...whatever it is when it goes into DANGER DANGER WIL ROBINSON mode). You will feel svelte and teeny tiny then ;) I think Nate should take you for a massage after that comment. COME OUT BABY! :)

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