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July 08, 2010



So you've forgotten us :-(

Is that why you haven't called Alan back? He's mad at you ya know!!!

Miss you!

Brandi Ginn

AHHH I LOVE it! SOOO flipin' darling. And YES I DO know how much you love the clothes...but really, you know, they were all inspired by YOU and your fabulous style! And YES my little thing LOVED you, loved showing off for you and JUMPING instead of standing, eating fruit snacks instead of sitting and making me crazy enough to LOCK the DOORS to the car with the keys INSIDE, while you laughed ;)...SOOO thankful the window was rolled down. I'm SO happy to do sessions with you because I LOVE the fantastic job you do! What would I do without you? It's SO much fun to come and visit. I'm thrilled you moved back ;)


Hey! I have that fabric! It was for our Mabelicious line. I know. Mem-ries. Beautiful pictures, Boo. And I'm so glad you forgot to look. I'll try to get there myself~not that far along yet.


Yay for posting!!!!

Pauline McClendon

Two gorgeous pictures. The expressions on the rest of the family in the second pic are delightful, as well. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda Keeys

OH my gosh Kara, how GORGEOUS are these!!! Ohhh you must show more, please please. Nobody does gorgeous colourful family FUN shots like you :) I still need you to style me.. my wardrobe is desperate for a Kara-makeover ;)

Brandi Ginn

Random thought looking at the picture...Nate would've been good in yellow. He never would've worn it, but it would've looked good for the family pictures. Maybe not so much for our couple shot, but definitely for the family ;)

I know, random. I just know you love yellow too :)

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