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June 09, 2010



Yeah! I had just checked earlier today for a new post. Your post's and your pictures put a smile on my face.
That is such a sweet story about A. She obviously takes after her sweet mama. Your kindness is one of your most endearing qualities.
I miss you! We should get together. I'd be happy to come to wherever you are. I am on summer vacation, after all. :)


I have to admit that I practically blog stalk you...but how can I not when you take such FABULOUS photos? Like these newborn shots...LOVE them. And I stalk you because I wish you would post everyday because I love looking at your work and still aspire to be 1/2 as good as you one day!! Not to mention that I love reading what you have to say...you always make me laugh.
Oh Newborns...so cuddly and cute--can't wait for YOUR babe to get here!! :)
And "fluffy head"--when did she grow up? Pretty sure it was just yesterday that she was just learning to walk. But she is so beautiful and I LOVE her outfit.
Once again I've rambled...sorry!


Well, 'bout freakin' time. Seriously, can you set aside your life more often, in order that you might entertain us with your beautiful pictures and words? Hmmm? Love fluffy head. And the heart club. And surprise babe. So lovely. Glad YOU like the rain. Seems your prayers must be the ones being answered lately, rather than mine...or anyone else in Utah for that matter. :)

kara elmore

SHERRY!!! I miss you - PLEASE let's get together!!! Email me. I would LOVE IT!

STEFANIE - I LOVE that you blog stalk! And I really posted this for you. You were, after-all, the one that miss fluffy head first walked to! :)

LISA - sister of mine that I am slightly scared of. I loved the rain only for a day.


oh kara. i love you. ive said it before but ill keep on. beautiful new baby images and can i have your daughter? she would get along so perfectly with my raeleigh. my girl has had the same issues in the past. she may fart like a man and have terrible table manners but she has a sweet little soul. i would rather that any day. i wonder what i wrong with these kids parents? surely that have been taught how to treat human beings! ugh. anywho. love what youve done with the rental. can we please see pictures of your belly?!?!?!

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