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June 17, 2010



That. Is. Funny! Seriously, the room looks ENORMOUS! But it's not. But it IS pretty. Gorgeous, pretty, beautiful girl's room. :)


I think there room is bigger than my flat!!

Any Belly shots for future???


Kara, the room looks great. It is SO pretty and very feminine. You did a great job working with what you had.


lovely! Will you come do my girls room next? I will even let you paint.


so beautiful...but I never expect anything less from you (recall old house in fox pointe=my favorite!!)...and I bet your belly is so cute-it was the last time I saw it!! And have you decided not to find out the gender??

elizabeth pellette

can you come and decorate my house Please.. pretttyyy pleeaaassseeeeee with sugar on top? Just lovely

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