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May 08, 2010



Beautifully written.

Heidi Julander

Happy Mother's Day Kara! I love this post! Very lovely! It is nice to have that calm feeling, and know that it is all okay, and handle-able! Isn't it a blessing to be a mom? Have a wonderful day!


Oh my cows, Boo. Talk about divine Baby Maby! Sooooooo her. We'll call this "Maby essence." And i loved your stories. Milk, closet, sobbing, SHOULD NOT HAVE TRUSTED ME WITH!..."Ahahahahaha!!! I did the exact same thing. That's why every day that Sterling went to work, I went to Mom and Dads. Cuz they were the parents~not ME. Duh. Idiot hospital workers giving me this baby and not calling the cops.

I love you and YOU are a fantastic mother. And shut up about your older pregnant body. I'd give my left nut...I'm talking pistachio...to have your bod. :)


Thanks for that Kara. I've been a crap mummy this morning. No, REALLY crap! So it's nice to be reminded that our kids love us despite our mistakes. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Hope it all goes well for you.


I've just started using an iMac, and loving it, but I want to ask how/where you save your photos. You see, once I connect my camera to the Mac iPhoto opens and I download my raw images, but I can't seem to be able to select what folder I would like my images to be saved in. Do you have any tricks you can share with regards to images & Mac.

Thank you

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