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April 27, 2010



Pregnancy mask and spots?? Dont understand---could you explain.

Hope you are well. :)

kara elmore

Christine - some pregnancies (and lack of folic acid/folate) case a little "mask" to be on the mother's skin. Some people get it SO bad that they look like a crazy raccoon. I got it w/ Maby - but it went away - EXCEPT for a few round spots in weird places on my skin. This baby is causing it too. So I'll up my folic acid - and PRAY that my skin returns to normal after this baby. :)


Kara, your skin IS beautiful...and I would know because I saw you just last week! You are one of those beautiful pregnant women that other women are super jealous of!
Have I told you lately that I LOVE you and that I LOVE my pictures? I still squeal when I look at them (especially when I see the one of J crying!! LOVE IT).
I love baby Maby--she makes me laugh and I still think it's funny that she wants to be naked but then says she's cold and needs a blanket wrapped around her.
Garrett is going to run a marathon this year too...but not me...
Sorry for the rambling but I know how I feel when people comment on my blog, so hopefully it's ok that I rambled! :)
P.S. For about a week now, we've gotten 7-8 hours of sleep at night!! And I totally have YOU to thank! :) So, thank you.

Amy Elmore

Yay!!!! House hunting!!! Best of luck finding one right in the "perfect place" for the whole family. And mostly you. I will look forward to seeing it when we visit again.... next year, or so... hopefully not longer.

p.s. you are beautiful!

kara elmore

Stefanie - liar. YOUR skin is TO DIE FOR!!! BUT I THANK YOU for saying you think mine is pretty. And yes - my fave image is of J crying, too. Why is that?? :) I love that you rambled. You should totally do it everyday. I'll post again just so you can do that - I love it!!

Amy - I'll make a place JUST FOR YOUR FAM for when you visit!!! I need to email you some things from when you were here. :)

elizabeth pellette

I think you look beautiful.. I love it..


I would...if I were being CHASED?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Even then, I think I'd just turn around and run toward the killer, since we both know that's how it's going to end anyway. Your skin is beautiful, by the way. Eventually, once it spreads across the rest of your face, you'll have an all over tan, right? That's how I chose to look at it. Eventually the splotches will meet and then I'm pigmented forever. :) Love ya! And you're priddy.

Brandi Ginn

Well you know I had this too. It came after #2 and didn't go away. THE ONLY solution as far as I'm concerned is PPX Laser Treatments...all the bad ones will be gone in 1 or 2 treatments. BUT plan on 4 treatments because the laser will see all the spots you can't at the moment and it will bring them to the surface but not get rid of them until the next treatment when they're close enough to the surface to be burned off by the laser.

it's worth it. :)

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