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March 09, 2010



There's one on your page w/the little girl in the chair outside where it looks like the desert(don't know where it is)

The one that you use as your profile pic in b&W w/you and Ava on the bed.

The black and white one 2nd from bottom on this post: December 01, 2009

The picture of Ava for this one (2nd from bottom): June 18 2009

22 May 2009, 4th one down

7 April 2009, the pitchfork image

22 Sept 2008, 2nd one down

15 July, 2008, 1st and 3rd one down

11 April 2008, 11th one down

24 Sept 2007

26 May 2006: gone w/the wind

And yes, I went through your whole blog. :) Finally got to see Oscar, more pictures of Nate, baby Mabel.

P.S. Congratulations on the announcement. ;)


my favorite pictures of yours are all from sanfran. that family photo by the bridge with one of them looking back is one of my faves from anyone anywhere :)
and totally know what you are talking about with max and ruby. i love their clothes too :)

elizabeth pellette

OHHH MYYY GOSH... did you just sneek in there at the end you are expecting? did you announce that somewhere that I missed it previously? OMG.. thats so AWESOME.. Congratulations Kara.. you make the most beautiful children so no doubt this next little peanut will be just as stunning..so Happy for you and your family.. oohh and too hard for me to decide on fav pics.. but I have to say that the ones in the previous post hoares and frost are up there.




Wow, these are simply stunning! What a beautiful location for a shoot and such cute kids!


Congrats to you and Nate! Maybe you'll get a brunette? Anything's possible. :)


Yeah... maybe a brunette... with BROWN hair!!!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Sorry you've been feeling so unwell. Hope it's all passed now and that you can enjoy the rest of the journey.

I want your book/workshop, so I'll come back and look at photos later to tell you my favs... I will.... maybe in four months' time... just to pay you back for not blogging!

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