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March 27, 2010


Brandi Ginn

yah THAT'S what I want to know...how you're keeping it from Nate :) and you and loo hoo were supposed to save your shopping adventures for while I'm here ;)

elizabeth pellette

hey .. no worries I am about to spend a crap load of money on a puppy.. yeah a puppy.. and I already have 2 dogs and 2 cats.. and ( well one fish left ) so hey.. treat yourself.. its only money.. and think at least I am not as crazy as that Elizabeth Chick.


Bout damm time. Remember, it's not offensive if it's spelled wrong. Everybody knows that.


Congrats Kara! Seriously missed the baby-on-the-way news until just now? So happy for you!


Retail therapy is the best! It's better than, you know. I'm visiting from Lisa's site cause I always read your comments and I think you are hilarious! Love your blog - do you mind if I follow? Oh, and I would just not buy mustard at all for a couple of years. That's my advice to the new mommy.


PS. I don't see a follow icon. How do I follow?

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