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February 03, 2010



I'd love to know what you did to these pictures as you know I'm trying to learn everything and anything. :)

The pictures are really beautiful.

Amanda Keeys

I KNEW these are going to be fabulous! I LOVE that you paired that yellow scarf with the blue - so you :) And gosh... that foggy "haze" is soooo darn pretty. And the road leading into nothing?! How perfect is that! Are you thrilled with them? I bet you are, they are so PERFECT. Love her little teeth too :) Maddy has pretty much got her adult teeth in the top two spots now and I SO MISS those baby teeth! It changes their whole look soooo much.

Amanda Keeys

Ok I just clicked on the larger photos to see them in the "right" size and they are even better! LOVE LOVE LOVE that curl dangling in her eye in the first shot.


beautiful! I love the frost after the fog!


I think the second one is adorable! So cute and fun. I can't believe how grown up she is! Beautiful pictures Kara...really.


These are all just fabulous. That curl across her face and the soft soft colour of the first one is absolute perfection. So did you find the perfect house to live in so you can shoot at that beautiful opening all the time? Oh, and yeah, ditto Christine. Any tips you care to share always welcome!

elizabeth pellette

did you take her out of school to take pictures? did I read that right or incorrectly? cause if you did .. you are my hero.. well you are anyway.. yessh.. Love these photos and I had no idea that was called hoar frost I thought it was called frozen fog.. no matter.. its gorgeous.. love the coat and that yellow scarf.. and Kara.. she looks so much like you... Gorgeous..


'Bout time you posted. And can I just say WOW. So beautiful! So, so beautiful. I don't think you're really sick. I think you're faking, else how could you take such gorgeous shots without puking and hating them?


I had no idea it was called hoar frost. No idea. Hmmm.

It was nice to run into you at dinner tonight. Amazing really. Your photography is amazing, too.

Jodi Davis

Absolutely amazing images! And your daughter is gorgeous!


OMG!! I love them. The 1st and the one looking up are my favs. Beautiful B&W conversions.

amanda leatherberry

Wow...these are absolutely gorgeous. Great processing and I love your conversions. Not to mention, your daughter is beautiful!

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