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January 21, 2010



I emailed you one question...because i already know what the answer is. But another question is...Any advice for selling people on spending money on their pictures? When the economy is so tight right now, how do you sell someone on investing in images that make their hearts melt? I am constantly running promotions on facebook to entice people...and I get nothing.

One more...because I'm brave like that...How are you doing since your big move?


Is your older sister Lisa as beautiful and ethereal as I've heard? Also, what is the link to your VERY MOST FAVORITE BLOG IN THE WORLD...with the word "blue" and "shoe" in it? Lastly, what shade of soil pep will your new house's stucco and river rock be made of? I can't WAIT until you post pics of it!!! :)

Amanda Keeys

Oh oh I have a question, pick me, pick me!!! Hahaha. What would you do if a family turned up to a shoot with you.... brace yourself... dressed all in browns and khaki and nuetrals ;)


Do we get to ask more than one question? I sure hope so because if not, then I just used mine! :)
1- Do you guys plan on staying in Davis County?
2- What kind of photo shoots are your favorite?
3- When are you coming to see me? :)


When are you coming back down to the land of palm trees???


enjoying your blog! what camera and lens do you use? which is your fav. lens?

elizabeth pellette

Would you get a tattoo or do you have one? would you get something pierced if so what ( ears don't count )

Brenda Justabedofroses.blogspot.com

I just wanted to stop in and say hi...between Lisa and your bloggings/photo's and comments my new year will be alot more lighthearted and full of laughter. I just hope my ceiling stays intact while I roar. Just listening to you two and your dynamics of words bounching off each other is a riot.

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