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January 01, 2010


elizabeth pellette

I am tellin ya... if I win the lottery I am just showin up.. hahah


unfortunatly I live in Holland. Wish I have a money tree ;)


Hey thanks for the shout out!! I guess I am not as sneeky as I thought! ;) I do love your site - your work is AMAZING!!


Oh I wish I could afford to come. Would you maybe consider offering the info on a pdf file to purchase? I know you have a pdf workbook as part of the workshop, but how bout extending it to include the info missed? I know its not like 'BEING' there but its a start??

kara elmore

Elizabeth ... valentine's day present? credit card??? :)

Chantal - hopefully we'll come closer to you next year!

JeNeal - you WERE trying to be sneaky. However - Amy gave me the head's up! :)

Christine - I know we'll be offering some type of extras -just not sure what they'll be yet. I'll keep you posted.


Hey. I'm waiting for you to blog, so quit disappointing me. I'm also chewing gum while I wait, and I'll more than likely bust another tooth, so you'd better hurry up, or you'll be responsible for the dentist's bill.

No, really.



Are you eager to secure funds for that dream project of yours?

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