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December 01, 2009


Amanda Keeys

You crazy girl your blog looks gorgeous. Oh, just read at the bottom - so it was fixed you just didn't refresh? Well anyway it looks SO GOOD :) So bright and fun. LOVE those photos and oooh the location with all that grafitti? AWESOME. Am I one of the close ones? Are you really running off with Rob?!! I KNEW IT!!! *dance*


Loving the new look of your blog. Love the picture of you too, you look great. :)


Freakin' beautiful and awesome. And I'm sorry, but a certain someone missed out BE A MILE by choosing another photog for Senior pics. The personality and soul you capture are...well...exactly as I would expect from you.

Once again, I bow to the master.

elizabeth pellette

I love the new blog.. it looks pretty cool did you get it sorted out??? cant wait to hear your exciting announcement too... wish you could come shoot me and my family ( ok well shoot as in with a camera.. not shoot with a gun ) just wanted to clear that up.


kara elmore

Elizabeth - I'll totally fly up and shoot you! :) well .. you know! I told my sister you had a yellow victorian. She just about freaked. She'll probably blog about you now. ;)

And Amanda - you're SO close!!!!!!!!! :)


those senior photos would totally be worth a hep shot in the emergency room. so so amazing.
the laugh with the hair! oy.
and your arms are the size of my wrists. dont make me slap you.


Loved how you captured my cutie niece. Isn't she the best? AND the one of you and Alli. Very cool!

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