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December 13, 2009



I've glad you have arrived safely my dear. Enjoy these next few weeks of holiday fun and be sure to take pictures. :)

Amanda Keeys

I am laughing that your birthday lasts a WEEK! LOL. I am lucky if my birthday lasts an HOUR. Yea. I am going to have to change that if KARA gets to have a birthday WEEK. No way can I only have a birthday hour.

I am crazy christmas shopper, everything is pretty much DONE except for stuff for the stockings because umm.. that stuff is not as fun as the big presents. We got our miss naughty pants a wooden kitchen and lots of wooden "food" and a little play espresso machine that pumps water! Maddy is getting a pink DS and games for her "main" present, but her request has been LOTS of clothes and makeup (WHAT!!!) and jewellery an "elastics" for that game? the elastics game, I"m sure you know the one and other random girly things. Girls are easy to buy for I find.. it's the BOYS that are hard! When J was 8 we bought him a remote control car for christmas. He's only just THIS year really getting into it though. Legos are always a winner?

elizabeth pellette

Elefun.. Barbie make up head it comes with a crown I think.. Legos.. what kid doesnt love legos. ok well in myNone.. and they have a pink girlie set with horses. whoohoo.. Ummmm... Nintendo DSi, games for whatever gaming system you have.. a jar of pickles just because it will throw them off kilter.. weapons of some sort.. haha no just kidding.. only my kids like weapons.. uhh thats all I got at the moment but I will think of more.


Wait... I like the pictures. This is a huge problem right now.

Glad you made it to Utah safely. You picked a great time for traveling that's for sure! and wait... yup, only 6 more days now.. :)

kara elmore

OHHH you guys are AWESOME at these details! THANK YOU! And I love the jar of pickles Elizabeth - that was SO funny! My kids LOVE pickles - so they would just think Santa loved them extra. :)

And Mr. C-Town made a joke that my birthday should last a MONTH .. he said "that was more my style". So ... I believe i WILL follow in his words of advice and make it a MONTH LONG CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda - tell Matt - he'll TOTALLY go for it! And love the wooden food ideas - they would love that.

Christine - I will take pictures for YOU! I've been a bad facebooker, too! Maybe it's the chocolates that are catching up with me. :)

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