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December 06, 2009



FINALLY!!! :) I like it

Amanda Keeys

Oh we are so funny ;) LOL.

Jessica Potter

Very fun! Love the "inspirational goodness"! I will be marking the new blog for updates. :) Hoping to come!

lane bethke

oh kara congrats that is wonderful!


Wish you all the best with the workshop. USA out of question for me, though. [SIGH.] Maybe you'll run it again in Sydney some time?

kara elmore

C-Town (the only MALE to comment!) Are you coming???

Jessica - it would be great to have you there. :)

Thanks Lane ... I'll bring my rooster for sure!

Jennifer ... we DO have plans of going to AU next year ... so keep watching. :)


Oh I wish I was closer. :)


soooo cool!!! I can't wait to hear more!!


I am telling Chris this is what I want for Christmas.

elizabeth pellette

If I were rich.. I would be there in a heartbeat... sadly I have four kids so you know that means I am poor that and I apparently need to by new 800 dollar stupid tires for my truck..( *(I(#*RY*&T%^%*&(P)O)(*Y*&%%$#!!)
But If I happen to win the lottery sometime soon.. I am comin. if not .. well I will just read all the wonderful blog posts and enjoy all the wonderful photos.

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