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December 18, 2009


Lilian - who you have left completely confused... yet HAPPY!

Soooo.... I believe the Johnson's house is still for sale.


Wow, everything is for a reason and Arizona was not wasted time. I hope that Utah will be good for you again.

I love seeing the pictures you take and how you manage to find the beauty in things.

lane bethke



Welcome Home Kara! Welcome home.

elizabeth pellette

sweetness.. right.. its good you are back in Utah? it sounds like you are happy about it.. so that makes me happy.. and I will be back tomorrow to wish you a .......................... :)

Stefanie Middaugh

KARA!!!! I know the reason you are back is to work out a photo shoot for me!! :) I am so unbelievably happy that you are back in Utah. I really do want to talk to you about a photo op....so, we need to talk! I'm glad you are back! :)

Cody Hatch

Welcome back to Utah.


Welcome home!

Amanda Keeys

Oh my gosh, the shot of the little girl in that washtub thingy SO CUTE! And fluffy-head ohhhh so beautifully moody.
I am so paranoid that I am going to miss telling you happy birthday on the right day LOL!

elizabeth pellette

Hey..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY can you hear me screaming it from way over here in NEW YORK? hmmm probably not.. oh well HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Happy Birthday WEEK.. I am expecting a detailed account of events and gifts


WHAT!! Wow what a fabulous Christmas present for all.

kara elmore

You guys are GREAT! You not only mentioned to say WELCOME HOME .. but you remembered by BIRTHDAY AS WELL! And I DIDN'T even have to REMIND YOU!
Elizabeth - I TOTALLY heard you from your darling house in New York.

Amanda - I bought that wash tub for my kitchen table .. loved it. And ummm that beautiful moody picture was created by using YOUR "moody" action. So THANK YOU!

Stefanie - I think you got pregnant just so I could take the pics because you KNOW that I KNOW your baby will be gorgeous and I won't be able to stay away!!! :)

Thank you everyone!!! :)

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