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November 12, 2009



Oh my gosh, the costumes made my day. :)


I am holding you to your promise! I love the costumes. I can't believe she sewed those! Your little devil is darling.


OK, only thing that almost makes me angry is that THERE WAS NO GIANT, POOFY CRINOLINE SLIP UNDERNEATH THE PRINCESS DRESS! Holy junk. How did that get past us?

Other than that SERIOUS mishap, they all look fantastic! I love the furry devil horns. I forgot they had maribou on them. Oh. Your sister must be incredible. And THEN, the 1950's housewife? That deserves another holy junk. HOLY JUNK!

And the vomiting pumpkin?! Another holy junk! Thank you for posting...and for linking to me. You're my favorite. :)


I LOVE your costume!! And your hubby is a hottie!

kelli france

Your costume is SOOOOOOOOOOOO you! Love it!


Um....a new clinic in the works? Maybe that you're going to do a fabulous shoot for ASU? Maybe that the person you are doing the CD cover for is going to pay you thousands of dollars? Tell, tell!

P.S. I heard you had your BEST FRIENDS in the world come visit you. I don't see a post about it though!! :)

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