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November 02, 2009



I didn't know you shot in RAW....Oh my these pictures are fantastic though (as usual).



Yes - LOVE RAW! But I was also meaning that I shoot the "raw" feelings of the light and don't try and fix them ... I just go w/ what I have.


beautiful as always! I miss you!


I love the pictures with all the beautiful colors. You are a great photographer!

Amanda Keeys

See I TOLD you, you are the BEST family photographer. Gooorgeous. The family shots on the bed, TDF. And does that little baby have her toenails painted? PRECIOUS.


These are fabulous! Such great colours...oops... colors... I'm an Aussie....(and no brown!) And I agree. Not knowing the light is scary, but kinda fun, too, don't you think? (Extra scary when you're a beginning photog with crap equipment like I am!)


So tasty and delicious~like a puff pastry. I love all that you do, and I am TERRIBLY prejudice. But I'm also honest and have integrity up the wazoo, so either way, you know you're going to receive a compliment from me. :)

Hey, when do I get to see Halloween pics of my vicarious children? Get on that, will ya?

Stefanie Middaugh

Love em Kara. Especially the first one!! So great!


Kara!! LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOOVE these!! so happy and fun! and you are right... those kids are ADORABLE!!! Too bad you aren't in UT still. I am heading out there for the holidays. We could have met up. :)

kelli france

That baby is totally precious! GREAT shots. Love the colors of their home. Your styles matched up perfectly.

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