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November 18, 2009



I would have guessed pregnant, but as you're not...I have no clue.

Oh, please tell soon!!! :)

Amanda Keeys

Can I guess, can I guess?! You're......running away with Robert Pattinson? I KNEW IT.


I hope, hope, hope, for your sake that you have found a place to live -- that you can decorate and make it all "Karalicious." That would make me really happy for you. :)
Enjoy New Moon.
Hope all is good. xoxo


Ummm, the fact that as your sister I don't even KNOW what the news is, says something about our relationship. How maybe I don't know who you are anymore. How when I call and leave messages, you aren't nearly as "anxiously engaged" in returning my ring. How you think that you're "done" with serving me, because you sent those beautiful Christmas cards.

News for you. You got some 'splainin' to do, Bitty Boo!


You found a place to live? To make your own? You are opening a studio???? Hmmmm..... you are moving BACK????????????????????????


LOVE YOU ALL .. HOWEVER - you obviously need a HINT:

It has to do with these clues:
utah visit

There ... any OTHER guesses??


You'll be home for Christmas.


No - well YES. But that's not it Lilian! It's MUCH bigger than that. Is taking a LOT of planning and TONS is going into it. When I come out for Christmas, I'll be finalizing some of the aspects. ANYTHING?? :)


Are you rescheduling the embrace workshop that you were going to run last August with Amanda Keeys and Gemma Sears? I'll be REALLY disappointed if you are, cos I want it to be in Sydney!


Is is a photo workshop in UT?


I knew it. You are coming to take pics of you, me and Rob. SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!

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