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October 18, 2009



That is so sweet he drove all that way!!

I know what you mean about having pictures up. I hung up more pictures just for something different.

Give hugs to everyone my dear.


I was so happy to see your new post. Love the pictures and I can't wait to see more. We will be there for Thanksgiving how about you?? I miss you!

Heidi Julander

Kara! I read your blog! But you know that. Glad your trip was wonderful! What a sweet guy Nate is to drive all that way with the dog! Sending hugs to you, and glad that you have your pictures!


What?? You were in UTAH??? I don't remember SEEING YOU in Utah??? Hmmmmm.....

Oh, and I had a very difficult time reading this post. It all went blurry after reading about Bella "holding her cactus as she peered out into the desert sun, contemplating her new life ahead of her in Oregon." I could SWEAR that Forks is in WAHSINGTON!!! And I'm positive you've read it and seen it more than ME!!


Amanda Keeys

YAY I am so glad you are back (because you are posting) and even better that you are posting with PHOTOS! How gorgeous! You are soooo darn good at family stuff. I however suck. But whatever. LOVE the apples on the head, so clever, so cute. And eww @ the barf. Yuck. (I would have let my kids barf on that man...what a rudie).

Brandi Ginn

I would like to second Lilian! I actually STOPPED reading so I could comment that (yes indeed) Forks IS in WASHINGTON....I'll let you blame the lapse in memory on the shock of cold UT air ;)Some of Nate's family (the woman) are actually PLANNING a girls getaway TO FORKS! What the?

Luanne Johnson

Ok so I forgot to post when you told us too...I love reading your blog.. gives me a good laugh.. If I lived by you I know we would be great friends and you would be who I called when I needed that extra pick me up.. but I'm here in Klein,Texas (outside of Houston).. I feel you on the heat and just think we have humidity too (fun stuff when it comes to fixing the hair!).. anyways I just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog and love seeing all of your pictures.. ok let me think of the questions you asked this time.. I like the first swinging picture what a cute Christmas card that will make.. and I like you love pictures everywhere! House is full of them and so is my office!
Take care and keep blogging!


OOPS - I MEANT Washington... but out came OREGON because only I WOULD KNOW that it was actually mostly FILMED in OREGON! So ................ my thoughts were on the FILM more than the book. FORGIVE!!! :)


Glad you had a great time in Utah! It is always fun to go back, but maybe not so much in the cold! I am glad you are back and enjoying the balmy 80's today! Have a great day!


YES IT IS A 10.5 HOUR DRIVE.......Nate darling, you must drive like an old lady.......or you drive the wrong way....smiley face. I will hook you up with some better directions next time! So happy to have you home KARA!


loving the orchard photos and your trip details.. you totally shouldda threw gum in that mans hair.. jerk face.. anyway.. glad you are home.. glad your home is now a home with your photos.. Your husband is awesome driving 12 hours to see you all.. Rock On Nate.. and I do read your blog.. just been so freakin busy lately havent had time to do anything for me ( aka blog reading ) but I am hoping to catch up soon.

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