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September 16, 2009



Isn't there some kind of parenthood saying about surviving your children?
Yeah. You'll survive the Divine Miss M and she'll grow up and be a fabulous red-headed version of her fabulous mother. :)

Amanda Keeys

Ok HOW can anyone find your endearing thoughts about Maby OFFENSIVE? I'm offended by them. So there. And oh my gosh, YOU make me laugh. I can sooo imagine that crazy little girl racing around like a whirlwind. I say it all the time, but I just know her & Lilly would be like two peas in a pod.
Yes do photographs of her tomorrow! Cause I wanna see :D

Amanda Keeys

Ok and I have to tell you.. I just went and visited your sisters blog. Read her most recent post. I am ALREADY laughing soooo much. Thanks for linking her, I'm subscribing to her blog hehe.


Have fun in Sanfrancisco


I have officially become a diamond beneath the pressure that has just constricted my entire being. Thanks for that, Boo. Crap.


Hey Lisa it's better than striking fear into the hearts of helpless little ones that want to be just like you when we grow up! Love you both!

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