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September 29, 2009




Ellen Patton

I'm a blog fan.



Kate Oldham

yes you know we love you!!!

Stefanie Middaugh


Luanne Johnson

I read your blog!! and love it!


LOVE the blog!!

Brandi Ginn

yes, you silly girl.


Can we spread the word about you on our personal blogs and maybe pick a favorite shot you've done on here to show on there too? That way we can give a bit of a taster and then provide a link to this place??

Home now by the way.

Hope you are well my friend. :)

Lisa Bingham

Number one fan, Bitty Boo!


Seriously Miss K. You KNOW all of us that love you read your blog. I check almost everyday, just in case, so I can keep up with my friend far away. :)
Me, on the other hand, haven't had time to blog in, well, months.




YES! and I never make comments because I choose to "stalk" but dang it this was cause for action! i love you all the way from seattle!

Amanda Keeys

Well YES you know I read it. Or you better by now LOL. Once those people around you see how GOOD YOU ARE you will be busy in no time, I'm sure of it.


Kara, you are awesome and the people of AZ will soon find out! I am trying to put your name out up here in the north end of the valley. Have a great time in Utah! Oh and by the way YES!

stefanie horsley

dear kara..yes i read your blog. sometimes the same post twice..


you know I read this! Where were you when I got married? You did my hair so beautifully I would have loved you to do my pictures. We are celebrating 15 years this May maybe you can do those. I love you!


yes, still reading/stalking but just never comment.


You need to blog more. I'm kind of disappointed in you. Try to do better. :) By the way, done with Baby Maby's costume and it's 2 DIE 4! Most fabulous devil baby ever seen!

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