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August 05, 2009



everytime I hear about the 'lady' story it makes me mad.

Love the pics of your grown up boy.

Glad to hear that you are getting in 'the groove'.

Sending Hugs.


That story of school reminds me of the movie "Matilda". Ever seen it? Don't watch in now if you haven't. So sad...sorry that you have to go through all this. We miss you. Keep blogging though, even if you're sad. I think it's actually theapeutic.

Heidi Julander

Kara, glad that you are finding some good there. What a huge change for your family! I wish I could go to the school with you and give that mean lady a huge wedgie or something..... maybe karma will find her! Give your sweet kids a big hug from me, your stories about them make me smile (except for the one about school, of course). I love the pictures of your son, what a handsome boy! Great colors!


What a BEAST!!! Yeah, she should not be working at an elementary school. Poor Ava. I can't imagine having to move to a new place, start school and kindergarten is ALL freakin' day.
I really admire you for picking up your family and moving. It's brave.
Just know, you are missed by those that love you just as much as you miss those you love.
AND...cry away. Sometimes it is all that helps. :)


Tell that handsome young man of yours that Sis. Nielsen will be thinking of him on his day of baptism.

I like the long posts.

Miss you.

Heidi Fausett

Oh... man that does really suck - full day Kindergarten that is. Clytie did it last year and I switched schools half way through the year so she could do 1/2 day. You know what, next year when my Clara goes, Michigan is going to manditory full day for ALL Kindergartens or they will not have funding. What a mess. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!!! Poor little ones is right! Ava and YOU definately deserved icecream! Keep trudging along it will get better!


When I read your blog it gives me strength. You are brave and your family is brave. I just adore you! I am getting ready to start my first year of teaching in just a few weeks. I feel a little like A. I feel like I might want to sit on the sidewalk and wrap myself up and cry. Sometimes... it's what we need! I think we always experience times where we are scared to do something that is unfamiliar, even when we grow up. Thanks for sharing... and I don't mind the long post either.

cherstin jones

Oh Kara, my heart breaks for you when that overwhelming feeling of homesickness hits. You said in your last post "choose to be happy", do it. The homesickness doesn't lessen it just get easier to deal with. I love that Ky is home for my kids and that I am able to help create the memories and love that make it our home. I also love that when Tanner(he's 4) was asked by some kids at church if he wanted to go to disney world for vacation he told them "no, me go to lagoon in ootah with my cousins." Be brave, it does get easier and remember there's a reason that Heavenly Father needs you in Arizona.


My daughter is 5 and we do all day kindergarten here, too (Australia). While there doesn't seem to be a dragon-lady like the one poor Ava has as her school, there have been some pretty tough moments for her..... and she's only FIVE!!! And she handled them better than I thought she would.... and she's only FIVE!!! Anyway, one thing we did to help her out was give her a secret job... just a secret between her and me. Her job is to catch people being good, or being nice to one another. It seems to have helped quite a bit. I guess it's a bit like you looking for beauty in the brown dirt. Maybe you could find something like that for Ava?
Lots of love to you and your family. Hang in there.

Amanda Keeys

Oh gosh Kara, I sooo feel for Ava and you! You poor things. Starting school is such a huuuuge step both for them and for us!! Thankfully mine go to an AMAZING school with wonderously compassionate teachers. But oh my... I so feel horrible for Ava and for you - gosh, I would have wanted to smack that woman upside the head. Did she not realise your daugher was crying? What a cow. I am like you and would have ignored her altogether. Or.. better yet, go to the principle and complain ;) Hope things look up soon... xox


Bout time, ma'am. I'm a regular follower of all things "my sister" and "Kara" and "Pretty" and I have been sorely disappointed day after day. I will expect a continuation of this experiment you are conducting. You know, the science fair project of moving. How many towels must be kept on hand to catch crying vomit? How hot must it be outside in order for lipstick to run down one corner of your mouth? I will be waiting for these answers...and when you're done, please "return to me" as the song goes.

By the way, if any kindergarten children ever come up missing, check the butt-crack of cat woman. Might find one or two she accidentally sat on while they sat weeping on the sidewalk.


You go loving momma! Oh this did tear at my heart strings.

Glad she was ok when she got home.

Hope you feel settled soon.

Karen Freemantle

Hey you cute thing!
I sat and read your blog with tears in my eyes. I hate mean parking ladies...give them an orange vest and a wee bit of power...and watch out. If it is any consolation...I taught Kindergarten for 5 years (pre-babies) and once we got them through the door they were usually alright. If not we just loved them until they were. The HARDEST part is from the car door to the school door.
Be brave...by Christmas she may well be bummed that she has to stay home and that you do not do center acitivities at home. She will also inform you that you do not do things the way Mrs. (insert name) does. I always had a few that cried the first weeks....and I was always the one crying in June when I had to send them off to first grade!
Miss Ava is a doll, her teacher is sure to fall in love and cry when it is time to send her off to first grade. She just has to make it past the parking troll!
good luck!!

kelli france


Holy crap! I would have cried too! But I did giggle at all of your descriptions of that mean old lady. I can totally hear your voice when you talk. That's why I love your blog.

Yeah, we need to chat cuz we are TOTALLY going through the same things! My "A" child has to go to all day Kindergarten too which I was totally not prepared for. I'm gonna call you in the next couple of days cuz we gotta catch up.

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