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August 31, 2009



oh happy day to see a post from you! I love diet cherry Pepsi...for the same reason. Chasing kids all day makes me tired. I love all the pictures and love that you are feeling a bit better. love you

Amanda Keeys

You TOTALLY rocked that gorgeous cloak there - LOVE THAT! So you. I'm so thrilled for you that you've found a spot you can love. It's soooo depressing when you're uninspired by locations around you. I know I suck at emails (SERiOUSLY lol) but I keep thinking about you, hope you'll find a house soon! And gosh, how is the school going?

P.s I think Maby needs to come and hang out with Lilly. They can get into all kinds of mischief together and we can just photograph the heck out of it ;) *G*


I love the b&w! What a great picture! The pictures are absolutely beautiful! I bet that Cindy just loves it! I asked Justin what he thought Maby was saing, and he got it right off the bat. But then again, he has lived with me for the last 12 years haha..... Hang in there, glad that things are going well!


The one with Mabel and a towel over her head is my favorite.

Glad to see you posting.

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