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July 20, 2009



Kara- I love you! You CAN DO hard things....so will I...we will do it together. Keep your chin up. You are in my prayers. xoxo

I love your house.


It's lovely. Seriously, way better than I wanted to imagine. I was quietly hoping it would be so horrendous that you'd figure out what a terrible mistake you'd made and fly-not even drive-but fly back to me.

It does look like home. And I'm proud of you. And I love you. And I miss you. Duh.


OK Seriously bawling and even peed my pants a little reading... was that the hat I bought you in the background, NO it was not!!! Put it somewhere would you! I will be there in 4 short months and IT WILL BE DISPLAYED!!!


It's kinda strange to see your stuff in that house?! But very good to know that you are happy. I'm glad you finally posted. I was about to start getting mad! ;-)


Hey, that's my motto, too! :) You are divine and strong and smart, and inspiring!


P.S. Mandy (Keime)...I think you might have another friend or two named Mandy.


Holy cow I sure loved reading this post...THank YOU for the story of your grandma, ThANK YOU!!!!!

Oooooo and the pictures, I'm loving soooo loving your new place.

You are such an inspiration!!!


It's kinda surreal looking at those photos of your stuff in a house I don't connect with as yours! I see your master bedroom and think of all the times we'd be in there trying on clothes and me borrowing something to wear for a Jazz game.... and I cry. Miss you buckets and buckets and buckets.


oh my dearest cousin I miss you lots and lots. I actually just found my apartment in Logan and your yellow hutch will look grand in it:) so excited! PS: I think that you should send Grandmas apron my way...I'm student teaching this fall and I am freaking out. I wish I was more like you! Hard things are HARD;) Keep me updated!


Life is full of hard things. It is having the faith and the foresight to do the difficult things that we know are right.
Hang in there. Know how much love you have being sent your way! xoxo


Kara - nice post! You guys will do great things in Arizona. We miss you so much. Kelty and Ava were so cute together. Good luck getting the kids all settled in at school. I just had to add I had a Grandpa Boyd too! But he was married to Doris and they lived in AF after he came home from the Navy and one day I have an interesting story to share about him to you. I feel connected now. Love your guts strong lady!


You are an amazing woman! It's hard to believe that you are not around the corner anymore. We will chat and swap stories one day again... even if over a coke in heaven! Love ya. Lory


Ava looks just like you! Pretty little thing. And for a rent house, you've still got a really good gig going!

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