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June 18, 2009



Love the pictures of fluffy head! Well all of the pictures are amazing. I think you should print TWO of the pictures in color and ONE in B&W for your wall. But then what do I know... I like brown!


Kara Kara Kara!!! I still cannot believe you are leaving. I was wondering if you still wanted/needed cs4?? If you already got it, great. If not, I'm still available to grab it for you if you like! Garrett and I are already planning a trip to AZ. His little bro got his mission call to Mesa and we are hoping to deliver some things around December-ish...maybe we could come say hi??
P.S. LOVE fluffy heads pics. She's so beautiful!


ok first off I am so happy you are alive and well. I have been thinking of you. I will write you an email.

Second...seriously those three boys are darling (can I use that work on teenage boys?) I bet the girls LOVE them. Too bad mine are so young!

I love all the pics. Maybe we can come to AZ where snow can't get in Emily's boots. :) I love you


Oh, Boo. How kind you are to me. I love you beyond measure...and struggle with the encroaching thoughts of my daily life without you. But just like Scarlet, I shall think of that tomorrow.

As a side note, you are stinkin' funny! "Allergic to brown" and "food pushers!" Ha! Hysterical!

kelli france

Oh my heavens, Miss flower child is getting so grown up. FOR SURE you have to print those in color! My fave is the first one! Glad you are hanging in there!


Ooooooo, I love these pictures and your sister looks like you!!

Sending Huge hugs your way.

Heidi Julander

Good luck Kara! I am sure that you will be very happy in AZ! You are so talented, and I love the pictures of Lisa's children on the grass, and their family one is so cute! Your family always has the best front door/porches! I love every one of your little girl... I think you should do a collection, and not just one. Hope everything goes well!

Amy Elmore

Kara, it is moments like this... you having a garage sale, getting rid of tons of darling Kara stuff, and me not in Utah to buy it, that makes living away hard. But I guess you are about to not be there either, that makes it yet again a little easier. Your pictures of Ava take my breath away. She needs to be getting paid to get her picture taken. I guess your camera magic has something to do with it too. We love you guys and hope all goes perfect with your move.

Madelyn Edwards

Oh my goodness, Ava is SO photogenic! I can tell she is going to be SO gorgeous when she grows up! And I loved some of the other particular pictures too... Love you so much!!!

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