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June 30, 2009



I'm loving Mabels scream face...and Ava's hair in the earlier picture.

Good luck on the move. :)


oh Kara I am so happy and so sad for you all at the same time. My heart aches for you when you have to say those good-byes!

I love you!

p.s I haven't been on a trampoline in 12 years!:)


Thank you so much for this post....it made my work day so much better! Good luck on the move! I am going to miss you guys so so much!! And soon the crazy drive to AZ will be over and all will be well..and i will come visit you in the beautiful hot sun....and we can stalk you know who (her name is the same as mine)!! Love you guys!


oh kaysville will miss you! I am excited for your cute family's grand new adventure. I am excited to hear about all the journey to come as your start your new life in Arizona.


Good Luck on your new journey.. be safe.. and feel better soon.


Be safe. Arizona is lucky. xoxo


I. Will. Miss. You.
I love you.
No more words.


I can't seem to swallow. Plus there's no spit left TO swallow, as all the moisture in my body has been used to facilitate weeping. May you be blessed and kept until we meet again.


oooooh my goodness. im emailing you now :)

kelli france

I love you! Good luck on your journey!


This sucks. Did I say that already?

Madelyn Edwards

I can't believe it. I thought this would never happen. But it did. I miss you so much. I love you.


APPARENTLY.... it's time to update!!

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