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May 08, 2009



Have you picked number 1? Gosh I LOVE ALL of them. Ooooo, and the Field---the yellow flowers!!!

Love these pictures!


I say 2. They are all beautiful. She looks like you. We need to talk again. I want to know what is going on in your life.


I say #6! Love them all!

jenny miller

My Mason just turned 2! He is a strong willed little Mr. Bossy pants too! Love him....
Debating when and where to do photos of him....??
I will also need reinforcements....is your dad free??
Hope all is well!
I say #2 or #6~ #6 looks just like you! Where did her auburn hair go??


my guess is #1 for the 16x20? I love all these shots.. She is just too adorable and looks alot like you.. I think.. I also love the shot with Grandpa.. Happy Birthday to her.. Have a great Week Kara girl..


#4 OR #6!!! She is so CUTE!!!!


I say #4...

Stefanie Horsley

Totally go with #2 that is baby mabey to a tee!!!

Lisa Bingham

I'm guessing either #2 or #4. But yes, they're all divine! You're so stinkin' good at what you do! Lucky.

Brandi Ginn

I also vote for #2...seriously though, I've never seen a dandilion flower grow that tall....are they FEEDING them? ;)


3 or 6


I love the pigtails, she is getting so big!!!

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