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May 22, 2009


Brittany Kurtz

oh kara - I have felt what you are feeling so many times. (8 to be exact) Two years from now you will look back and remember your time there fondly, but you will be moving so quickly forward with so many exciting things, you will know for certain that you were supposed to go.... and to start fresh again. There is so much growth ahead! There are so many exciting new things! There are so many amazing new people who need you and whom you will need as well! My heart breaks for you, and smiles at the same time.... you are in for a very exciting new adventure. loves from me :)


Holy cow

I burst into tears with what you wrote----so raw and beautiful.

I too have felt what you are feeling. I think life is full of these crossroads where we're always torn between looking back and moving forward.

I am very excited for what this move means for all of you. I pray that you will all be watched over as you start this new chapter in your life.

Sending you big hugs.


Luckily some finales don't have to mean forever. I'm going to miss you. Things will never be the same but I will always be grateful for knowing you and for your friendship. I can't wait for NOVEMBER!!!!!


I can barely type words to respond to this. I normally can't even talk to you about what is happening this coming week! It's too much. I am excited for you and your family and your new adventure. But I am sad that I will still drive by your house everyday and it won't be you inside. You are irreplaceable! Missing you won't begin to describe it!!!!

I will make sure your Sunburst Honey Locust tree is taken care of.


This was a very very very special post! I loved reading every word of it.
I am rejoicing because you are coming here for your new start, new chapter! Instead of missing you, I get to be part of it!


I loved this post. It is so real. Do you remember me sobbing in your apartment in St. Louis? It is so hard, but will love the new adventure ahead. I am envious of the people that you will move and live by. They are in for a treat!

I love you

kelli france

Seriously. No SERIOUSLY. You are totally tuggin at my heart strings. Change is so hard and so good. It's been wonderful watching how our lives have changed together. I wish you the best. I know you will "bloom where you are planted" wherever you are. LOVE YOU!!! (and love those B&W pics!)


such a touching post and such gorgeous images too

April Todd

this post made me cry!


gorgeous images! i have been dying to do a piano shoot!! i love how dramatic they are with the contrast.. adds a lot of feeling.


I refuse to comment on Finales, only new beginings... (I wish I knew how to spell)

Michelle Huesgen

So kara...I was feeling sooo sad for you until you started showing those pictures of your nephew....and oh my god!! I can't get the urge to marry him out of my head now...
drats...I'm married already...damn.
Please don't tell me he reminds you of E. or I just might burst.
...here's to you(or me) Mrs. Robinson....da de da de da de da

In all seriousness...I hope you are adjusting well...and are happy. Now come see me...

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