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May 05, 2009



I love the picture with you and your little one in.

Thanks for answering the fridge/cupboard question.

Thanks as always for a brilliantly written post.

Brandi Ginn

"Brown" could also be used to describe CHOCOLATE. And MOST people like, if not love Chocolate as their tasty treat.

Kara Elmore

Brandi - that's the thing... MOST people like "chocolate" (your code word for BROWN?) ... so why not BRANCH out and be DIFFERENT??? :)


Totally love the answers! And I love crazy babies room!! It is so one of my favorites...but of course your whole house is my favorite so not really fair!


You know I love ya Kara!!! You tickle me! I'm going to miss you so much when you leave!!! I will FOREVER think of you when I look at my brown walls and brown carpet! Oh.... and the DHS football team!!! HA HA!!!!

Lisa Bingham

Well done, my good and faithful sister. You are delightful. And intelligent. And kind. And creative. And talented. And patient. And inspiring. And sensitive to others and The Spirit. And I look forward to evening walks on late summer eves with Mom and cups of rabbit poop ice.

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