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April 21, 2009



It's okay, my dear Kara. I got winded just walking up your stairs today. All of our lovely energy goes towards other more important things now. RIGHT??? Don't we use enough muscle just in vacuuming alone? JEESH.


Ok so I was winded just READING your post. haha I love you!!! So I am here pondering my question for you. I'm trying to think of what I could ask that I seriously may not know about you.

And so I pose the question about the color BROWN... Why you dislike, no hate, no despise it so? I understand that you are a visionary, I've known that for years...Did brown do something to you when you were a child? Did brown eat the last frozen chocolate chip from your freezer? Did Brown drop you on your head on your front porch when you were a baby? Did Brown smear Vicks Vapo rub on your satin sheets? I truly feel that you have given Brown a bad rap. In fact it pairs rather nicely with Robin's Egg Blue, maybe not soooo much with your pale Yellow, but I think it has potential. I really think you need to ask yourself 'What can BROWN do for me?'

With all my love in this MULTI COLORED world, Amb

P.S. My mom's skin is Brown do you hate her too? haha


I want to see your expression when you think about moving to PHX and hanging out with me all the time! waaa hooo!!! And don't worry, we don't have any hills here!


your post made me laugh.

I'd love to know your issue with brown as well. PTSD with a color---funny.

Also---I want to see some more pics. What's in your cupboards and fridge right this moment? You can tell a lot about a person from that.

Where did you go on your girly retreat---it sounds really fun.


So, I realize your time in Kaysville is drawing to a close. However, I have not heard WHERE you are going?

And seriously... the brown thing is getting on my nerves!! Is that why you never come to MY HOUSE?


Ohhhhhhhhh we finally get to see a picture from our girls night OVER a month ago!! I mean, it's not like you've had anything else on your plate, right? :) So fun to see though! Ha ha, did Adie call herself a turtle?

When did you decide to get into photography and why? Did you ever think you would make a business out of it or did you start for fun? Why do you not like doing weddings that much? Why didn't you come to Mesquite with us on our senior trip? Why did you lie about the mustard color socks in 4th grade? (haha) Why do you like dried fruit so much, or rather, do you still love it? Why are you leaving us to go to another state?!


Ok, what is it about Edward that seems to sweep you off your feet? Is it the fantasy of something unattainable, as there is yet to be a man born into this world that is like him? Or is it just a get away from your own life right now and anyone will do? Also, what is your favorite color combination? And which is your favorite photo location? And what is your favorite candy? LOVE your posts--obviously you will continue even when you move, right? RIGHT!!!


Kara! I so wished there could've been a picture taken of you riding that bike!! You are so awesome!
My question: what is your all time favorite photograph?
Also the favorite part of your house!

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