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April 07, 2009



Kara I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last image. It is SOOO beautiful!! You're simply amazing!


My favorite one is your pitchfork rendition. I'm loving the umbrella stuff as well.

Did you happen to take any pis of Mabels birthday party?


I love that last shot. Where were you when I got married? I know you were with me, but where oh where was your camera?!! :) love you


So I think the name of this post should be BLISS.. cuz honestly they will never have those exact feelings again. Even when you have a baby it is a totally different feeling. The wedding day is so, so... frightening, and crazy and hectic, and, and, full of BLISS! Oh heavens listen to me ramble I sound like YOU!!! haha love ya my bestest friend


Bested friend? Um.....helllllllooooooooo. Wait til I tell the others about this!


Kara.. these are all amazing.. really beautiful work.


that last one is KILLLLLLER.
way way killer. all are crazy awesome though.


Gorgeous pictures--surely makes me angry that this was not happening 20 years ago. Posed, posed, posed to hell and back. Can't change it-must be OK with it-but that's why I want to control the junk out of everything else in my life now, since nothing was in my control back then. Damnit.

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