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March 21, 2009



Oh Crap of America.....
I was imagining Robert walking through those Walmart doors. What an odd picture that would be...perfection meets white trash....

Rachelle was sooooo beautiful!! And way nice to us! Such a fun night with you and Madelyn! One to remember always!!!!


I'm beginning to get a complex about my brown house.

Glad you had fun!


congratulations on the house!!!
and i am so so so jealous.
i KNEW youd be one of those psychos waiting in line to get the dvd. i think rachelle is seriously one of the most beautiful people i have ever seen.
if she would just get her tramp on she could be all over the place in hollywood but she seems way too intelligent for that which is awesome.
i love that you are hanging out at walmart in these images. so so funny!


Congrats on having the house under contract.. thats wonderful great news..


that is great news about your house. Do you know where you are going yet?

I love the shots you took just holding your camera up. I wish mine looked that good.

You are beautiful in that last picture and I LOVE your purse.

Brandi Ginn

I know we've already chatted when you found out about the house. But REALLY I'm SO happy for you ;)And sad. because I know how hard you've worked on your house....I mean the building process alone "Kara the Contractor" ...that's your next job ;) You've gone through it once already!


So, Kara...(got your blog off of facebook) it has been a long, long time, but you're still making me laugh. I think of you every Sunday when I do cuticle master to my husband's cuticles in church. You're still beautiful and talented, not surprising! Good luck with the move, wherever you're going...Love ya, Mandra


Kara! Your pics turned out fantastic! You and Brandy are truly fun girls! I am glad I was with you gals that night. I had a blast. It was a pleasure to meet you and Brandy!

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