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March 10, 2009


Adie Mitchell

Ugliest of Ug!! Oh my heart aches too!! so much personality and beauty in that house. That is what is going to sell it!! Someone will come a long and fall in love with it!! I'm so happy for you, yet so sad!! I lvoe what you've done to the place for pictures!! I'm so impressed with the house cleaning!! ahaha:) I love you!! It looks fabulous!! Your talents and abilities to make soemthing so beauiful and homey are incredible!! With a touch of class!! Oh some people get all the talents!! LYG

Kayleen T.

Your home is beautiful, I don't know why anyone would want to change it. Love the rug in your laundry room! Where'd you get it? :)

Heidi Julander

Kara! You have a beautiful home..... I can see why you are sad to leave it! I love the porch too! That is on my list for my dream house! Someone will love it and buy it, and I am sure leave it mostly as it is. I would buy it and leave it, and I am a brown/poo loving person! My suggestion is to add junior mints to the diet coke equation... then take a nice walk or drive if it's too cold, listening to your favorite music (and sing along really loudly), then look at new houses on the internet and think of how you can fix up your new house. Or go onto one of those snapfish type places and make a book of just your house pictures.
Good luck...... I agree with Adie about the talent!

Kara Elmore

hahah - you gals are funny Heidi and Adie. :) It's all pretend.. fake it til you make it... right? :)

Kayleen - thank you! All accesories in the Laundry room came from Target. But the skirt and valance were made by my mom from the shower curtain at Target... same section.


I have a suggestion.... DON'T GO!Okay, okay.... I'll quit my selfishness now and think of NATE and how he needs the warm weather...and blah, blah, BLAH!!!

Ohhhhhh that crazy baby Maby!!! LOVE HER! WAKE UP FISHY!!!!!! What was that other name? Oh yeah... the TERRORIST!


Kara-I would buy your house as is and never change it and I too am a brown loving person. It is beautiful. I love even more that I got to see it in person. I LOVE it. I LOVE your dark floors. It is sad to leave, but you will start over and make whatever you buy yours and it will be equally as beautiful.

are you staying with your mom so your house stays that clean? :)

I would take your baby for you.

Brandi Ginn

AHHHH GLORIOUS!!! You know I love your home ;) I wish you could just pick it up and move it with you ;)

But seriously...where is fluffy head's BED? That is NOT her bed. ;)...where's the REAL one?


kara sweet sweet kara.. your home is a showplace.. I find it hard to believe that children actually live there.. its gorgeous.. now.. to help make things better.. think.. envision a new home with new possibilities new ideas.. a new start.. try new things and concepts.. Sure this home is beautiful but what makes it a home is you and your family.. and you can make anyplace this beautiful with your loving spirit and your creativity... sure its sad to let go to move on.. but all those memories go with you.. and your next home will be equally as beautiful because you made it with love.


OH MY - your house is soooooooo dang cute!!! Why should I be surprised that someone who is so talented with photography would be equally skilled in creatively decorating her home. Thanks for sharing!!


Bring Maby over and we will raise her. I'll just leave her in the room with Chuck and some honeycomb in a ziploc baggie.

GORGEOUS photos of your home, of course! Maybe I will come over in the middle of the night and steal your for sale sign. Kara, Sara, Madi and I almost did last night after mutual! Almost....

Also, I recommend DIET PEPSI WITH LIME and an afternoon movie borrowed from Lilian. DONE.

Lisa Bingham

See how loved you are? I'm jealous. AND they appreciate your talent and eye for color. Good friends. So, let's see, already two showings and a phone call in one day. I'm thinking you'd better start looking now for a place to rent until you know where you're going. I myself am looking forward to a fresh start and some sky blue walls. The wheels are smoking in my brain with new ideas and a vintage veer. :)


Oh I have a poem I will email you that as I looked at your house reminded me of you. It looks amazing. I f I wasmoving to layton I would buy it.

By the way can I buy Mabel?


OK so I have the PERFECT solution for everyone! You stay and send Nate away! I mean, really we only need men around every once in a while to open a jar, right? He can fly home every once in a while and you can send Mabes to see him when she's naughty! (P.S. she LOVES me!)Love ya my bestest Snuffy!


Gorgeous GORGEOUS house! I so want it! I'd buy it, except that I live in Sydney (Australia) and it would be just a tad inconvenient for dropping the kids to school every day. I'd also buy your baby, but I already have one of those. EXACTLY like yours!
Good luck with the sale of your house.

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