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March 24, 2009



Photography students went WITH you? HELLO!!! I want a turn!!!!!!!! I love that last picture of my cute little primary boy. I hope you take that one an print it and put it on the wall of your new home so you will always remember THIS place!

You have just inspired me as to where I need to take my nieces pictures for her 16th birthday ;-)

Go ahead... quiz me. I watched Twilight last night... and will be AGAIN on Saturday night!!! He he!


Love the first picture! Love fluffy head's reaction.. such a big sister thing to do! Love all your pictures and love reading your blog!


I AM IN TEARS HERE THAT YOU ARE LEAVING ME. And leaving Main Street. And everything else. Stupid scientists.....

I love how in half the pictures fluffy head has her hands over her ears. Poor thing. GREAT PHOTOS.


loooove all of these out takes. i think they are perfect.
and do i see mountains in the reflection of the window in the last or am i making that up?

Kelli France

I can SO relate on these. LOVE the hug one though...And she's wearing THE apron! I have yet to take one of my girl in that, darnit!


OK seriously Fluffys reaction in #1 is so classic! Totally her... love it! Does she have your wrinkle feet too? Ohhh Aunt Amberlee needs to come rub lotion on her feet and hands.

I personally am getting excited for you to move, not because you are leaving me (notice how everything is about me!) but because now the G's have a reason for roadtrips. Adie is so not driving, paying but not driving! haha Luff ya!


I'm totally with you on photographing your own children.... especially crabby two-year-olds!

Love the one with your son's head cut off.


I loooooooooove the rainbow stockings!! Sounds like it was crazy trying to get some pics, but you managed to get some amazing ones. Love the hugging one and the icecream one too. :)

kelli jane

your oldest daughter looks just like you---you have such beautiful kids!!

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