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February 16, 2009



Wow, love these pictures! Such an awesome couple! :) Would love to get such pictures myself *lol*


where were you when I had my engagement pictures taken? Beautiful as always!

Brandi Ginn

I LOVE it! But you already knew that ;) I LOVE the lighting in the one the lady told you not to take and I love the angle in the one against the brick building.

You're awesome!

I took a few pictures of my family while they were here...just some basics, because we had to hop the fence to get the local I have permission to shoot at (gate was locked with TWO deadbolts...I only have the key to one ;) and it was windy and cold by the time we walked down there.

You did great!


These are fantastic Kara.. and man it must suck to be so horribly ugly.. giggle giggle.. could they be any hotter? seriously..


Wow! Those are some great shots!!! They are a super cute couple and you captured them well.


yeah man, your right. she is naaaaasty ;)
you did an awesome job kara but not too hard with a couple like that!
i love love love love the terrible spot image too. my fave.
i didnt know you shot couples but wow. you do it well honey!

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